What you will learn from this eBook

  • The Basics

    Do you know the significance of a crossed check? How about memorandum check? What is the effect of making your check payable to cash? Do you know why it takes several days before your check is “cleared”? This chapter provides the answers to these questions in a very simple approach—and more

  • Crime and Checks

    Why is bouncing check a crime? Learn and understand that there is more than one criminal offense that could result in the issuance of a dishonored check.

  • The Law on Bouncing Checks

    You’ve heard of BP22. Yes, it’s an old yet still a good law. This chapter explains the reasons behind Batas Pambansa Blg. 22 and why you can still be accused of a crime even if you did not intend to do so.

  • How is the crime committed?

    Understanding how the crime is committed will give you a clear understanding to determine whether one exists. This chapter breaks down the “elements” of each mode of commission. In criminal law, the absence of any one of the elements will cause the dismissal of the criminal action.

  • Who signed the check?

    Criminal liability rests on the person who signed the check. But what happens if you are just the designated signatory of the company for example? This chapter provides the details and possible defenses.

  • Be prepared to sue

    Left with no recourse but to go to court? But how do you ensure that all your documents and evidence are in order? Remember that in court, you deal only with evidence and documents. This chapter walks you through the process.

  • Going to court

    So the dreaded part begins. It is frightening if you don’t understand the process. This chapter guides you to understand the procedure and not to fear the ‘legal gobbledygook’. Knowledge is power, plus you would be able to tell if your attorney is doing it right or whether it’s time to ask for a fee discount

  • Being your own attorney

    Sometimes hiring an attorney to handle your case means additional cost and you feel that spending good money to run after a bad one may not be a good proposition. This chapter provides a guide if and when you decide to become your own lawyer

  • Here comes the policeman

    When does the court issue a warrant for the arrest of the accused? Was the arrest valid? As the accused, what do you do to avoid spending time in jail after an arrest? As the complainant, can you personally implement the arrest warrant? Can an arrest be made on a weekend? What do you do if you don’t have cash for bail? These crucial issues—among others—are addressed in this chapter.

  • Getting off the hook

    Being an accused in a BP22 case is not the end of the world. This chapter enumerates the possible defenses – legal, that is – that an accused in a BP22 case may use to successfully defeat the accusation. Knowing these points is like having an arsenal of legal defenses ready for use anytime. Also, this chapter will help you find professional legal help for your defense.

  • The verdict

    Every criminal case has a conclusion. If not abated, judgment day will come and it can only mean either a conviction or acquittal. So what is the effect of either judgment? What happens to your claim? Is it true that there is no more imprisonment for BP22 convicts? This chapter clarifies these points, among others.

  • The aftermath

    So the trial court has rendered its judgment. If you are the complainant, what should you do next to implement the judgment? If you are the one convicted, what steps can you take to stop or even reverse the decision in your favor? Which court would you go to? How do you do it? This chapter will show you that conviction is not the end of the process. It may yet be another beginning.

  • Avoid the hassle

    Offense is the best defense. While there are possible legal defenses to BP22 prosecution, it is still best to be cautious. Indeed, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. This chapter will provide you with helpful tips to avoid the problem of having a bounced check.

The book is a mine of useful tips, as well as clear and easily-comprehensible explanation of the salient provisions of BP22, which will surely serve the needs of our business people. Indeed, this book could very well be, for lack of a more appropriate term, the panacea to futile, and financially and Psychologically-taxing BP 22 litigations.
Chiz Escudero
Hon. Francis Escudero
Senator, Philippines
A Layman’s Handy Guide to Bouncing Checks” strikes me as a true-blue handy guide to BP22. Its simple presentation, as well as the judicious use of practical pointers and relevant court decisions on the matter, but without necessarily veering away from the letter and spirit of the law, makes this book a must-read for entrepreneurs.
Manuel B. Villar
Hon. Manuel B. Villar
Senator, Philippines
“…A trailblazer…[for]…its use of simple and easy-to-grasp discussion, examples and case digests on the widespread use and misuse of various types of checks in the business realm…Businessmen ought to read and keep in their respective private libraries a copy of this book.
Anselmo Cadiz
Atty. Jose Anselmo I. Cadiz
Former Solicitor-General

Common Questions on BP22

Did you know that:

Not all bounced checks can result in a B.P. 22 lawsuit?

Have you heard of stop payment order under Presidential Decree 957? How about a check that was dishonored by the bank for being DAUD? These are just some defenses revealed in this book.

Lack of demand can defeat a B.P. 22 lawsuit?

Yes and more! The demand has to be written and the law requires more than just sending the letter. Know how to make sure your lawsuit does not get dismissed for a simple technicality.

Even guarantee or accommodation checks can get you into trouble with B.P. 22?

And you thought that committing a crime in the Philippines requires evil intent or motive? Well, that is not the case for B.P. 22. Mere issuance of a bum check can get you in hot water. But there are instances where it will not and this book shows you how.

  • The proper way of preparing and sending your demand letter.
  • How to avoid liability if you are a mere employee tasked to sign checks in your company.
  • How to maintain your checking or current account safe.
  • How to handle your claim or defense without the assistance of an attorney.
  • Other options available to you to collect or be paid.
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A word from the Author

It is with much excitement that we introduce to you this book that is aimed at helping you understand what is an otherwise complicated subject matter of B.P. 22. I know that there are available resources online but connecting them together is a huge task for the most of us.

The Ultimate Guide To Bouncing Checks therefore organized and simplified the topic so that it would be a lot easier for you to understand the issues and matters regardless of the stage of your B.P. 22 lawsuit.

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